Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Transfer - New Companion

Just to put time into perspective for you... Sister Jihei Lee (my former companion) spoke her first sunday in the ward 5 weeks ago, spoke last week (new missionaries give a 10 minute talk about a month in) and then spoke again this week for her last words in the ward. In case the subject line didn't give it away.. I have a new companion and Sister Lee is no longer serving with me in Uijeongbu. WHAT?! I couldn't help but ask President if I had done something wrong.. only one transfer with a companion is more on the odd side.. But we were really in the groove.. seriously being drowned in miracles and blessings.. so to quote President, "We're just sharing your attributes with everyone and helping you increase the number of eternal sisters in your family.".. comforting.. but not too comforting saying goodbye to a miracle transfer... Having already served here 3 transfers, I was open to the idea of being transferred to another area, but leaning more on the side of sticking with Sister Lee and serving together another transfer.. So when we received the transfer call Saturday night.. If you could only have seen our faces. Let's just say I am so so grateful for the amplified trust Heavenly Father has helped me develop in President Christensen. I know that we are called to serve where He needs us.. where the people have been prepared for us to teach.. as well as where the people have been prepared to teach us. 

I am so so grateful for the chance to continue to serve here in Uijeongbu.. To continue to serve the incredible ward members here, work with our recent converts and less-actives, and continue to meet with our investigators. I am so excited to serve here with Sister.... JeYoon Ahn.. That's right.. yet another Korean companion!!! I really have hit the jackpot.. three companion exchanges in a row! She is from down south.. the oldest sibling in her family. so FUN and happy.. She studied at BYU-Hawaii for a year.. and I am so excited for this new transfer! 

It was a huge wake up call to see that Sister Lee would be leaving our area.. Woke me up to the fact that I won't be living here in Korea forever.. that I could be leaving this area at any given time... But through that knowledge.. I have come to realize the importance of making sure that every second counts.. to make sure that I live each day with as few regrets as possible.. that I accomplish all that the Lord needs of me, in the time that He has allotted me to accomplish them in. I know that 

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