Monday, January 26, 2015

True Happiness

Fam fam fam,

I may have stopped writing best week ever.. but as I take the time to reflect on each week.. I hope you remember that I always mean it.. this week especially. What an absolutely incredible week.. and we didn't even go to the temple!! (we're going tomorrow) From the sounds of things.. it sounds like you all had a great week as well.. So jealous about stake conference.. it sounded awesome! ours will be Feb 7-8.. in Korean. I'll try to relay the messages to you as well.. testing out my translating skills ;)

I started a new thing this week.. writing down every blessing that I saw throughout the day.. my planner was completely filled before the days even ended and I found myself that much more happier and energized to do all that was asked of us and more. My companion said she's never known someone to smile so much.. it's been a 360 kind of week. As most of you know.. this new transfer has been a pretty rough transition for me.. But as I said to Angie & Stu and as it states in my blessing.. I have been so fortunate to not have doubted, not even for a second.. my decision to serve a mission. We're told that this is a Priesthood duty.. and in no way a requirement for sisters. When I was STL, there were countless sister interviews I participated in.. where the sister was questioning her decision to serve a mission.. each one always reminding me how blessed I've been to know.. without any doubts.. that this is where and what I should and need to be doing. This may seem like a small thing, and I know that there are so many other faithful sisters who are serving or who have served without any doubts as well.. except the thing is.. this small fact has carried me through some of the hardest experiences of my entire life. it has carried me through this excruciatingly hard transition... and has helped us transform this transfer into a one of miracles! 

As I've said before.. missionary work is hard. We all have our own free agency.. and as much as I wish I could just sit our investigators down and make them understand, know and feel my testimony of this message we are sharing.. Know of the love I have for them.. only a fraction of the Love Heavenly Father has for them... understand that this is ETERNAL LIFE.. I am repeatedly slapped in the face- the choice to accept is theirs.. and theirs alone. Which leads us to pushing ourselves harder than we ever had.. I really have never studied this hard in my life.. the Gospel.. and the equally difficult and never-ending Korean.. praying constantly.. just to be as effective as we can possibly be in His hands.. to be the tool that these people need to feel, know and do all that we are sharing with them. And you know what? IT STILL DOESN'T WORK ALL THE TIME. hahaha.. but, for the first time since getting to Korea.. I'm not only just seeing the fruits of all of these labors.. but really tasting them.. and it isn't a taste I've ever had the privilege of knowing before.. and it's different than what I ever assumed it would be.. Our investigators, members, less actives, my companion.. just everyone in my life.. is blowing me away and making this SO SO WORTH IT!. 

family.. I am so happy. I thought I was living the life.. that I had it made.. i love you all, have great friends, love BYU, am a member.. but none of that will ever compare to these feelings I'm living. The investigator who's picture I will include at the bottom of this... the one who has all of my heart and would make everything I ever experience in life worth it.. is a piano prodigy. I've never heard, known, seen someone play the piano like her before. it isn't a hobby or a skill.. the piano is very much apart of her. Well... she has a hard time expressing herself.. so one day, I asked her to express how she feels through a song.. she sat down and told us that this is how it feels when she meets us.. how she feels at church.. how she feels when she reads the book of Mormon.. and that song changed my life and put my very own testimony into words. I am happy. 

I love you all and I'm always praying for you.. thank you for your prayers and your motivation. I am so so blessed and grateful for all of you! continue to come unto Christ.. to be perfected in Him. 

Moses 7:21.. I know that process doesn't happen by chance. 

All my love, 
Sister Willcox
Sister Homes. We were on exchanges.. I fit right in with Koreans.. but serving with her this week was interesting.. SHE'S SO TALL

this is my angel

I love her so so so much - (if I haddddddddddddd..... to choose a favorite investigator...... but we don't do that.. so I love them all so much) her baptism is the 8th of Feb.


I've read the purple folder a million times over.. and listened to the cd a billion times over.. and have cried looking at the sheet music.. thank you so much for the birthday packages!!! or as my roommates (other 2 sisters, not companions) like to call them.. the Mexico in a box!! I've eaten mexican food or korean food everyday for the last week.. it's been amazing. Which reminds me.. I'm not sure which of you I informed.. but the MTC doctors told me I needed to go off of gluten.. it was fairly easy to do so in the MTC.. what with all the food being labeled in English.. but that 'diet' slowly went down the drain as I got to Korea saying as how I don't even know the word for gluten in Korean..  But after going to the doctor again this week.. thought I'd inform you, I'm off gluten again! After a few weeks of only getting 4 hours of sleep.. and having medical issue after medical issue.. I've discovered I have a intolerance for gluten.. stink. Anyways.. thank you thank you thank you! I am so glad that the postage worked! The ward lady that gave me her APO address, said that you can use it whenever.. for letters even! Just keep in mind that I don't know how long I'll be in this ward.!! She also told me to tell you, that if you send things in a priority flat rate box, it's a lot cheaper!! For those of you other than Reb.. A lady in my ward works for the military.. so she has a US address.. and if you send things to her address.. it costs the same as sending it in the US.. so A LOT CHEAPER... and it gets here in the same delivery time as it would sending something throughout the US! I'll attach her address at the bottom.. also, I hope you got the new mission address email I forwarded to you!

Okay... now to the nitty gritty of another week in the black marshmallow.. it snowed SO MUCH this week.. It was a miracle how much snow there was.. simply because I've never seen so much snow in my life.. and then 2 hours later.. it rains.. and it's all slush.. and we have another ice rink city again. We're going to shovel the church after emailing.. we have permission to have a snowball fight. It's almost embarrassing how thrilled I am! I've quickly learned how miserable snow is.. unless you can play in it.. okay okay.. nitty gritty- This week was by far one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. It was both a privilege and excruciating.... hahah.

Saying as how I am in Korea... I learn a new word about every 10 minutes, even more when we are outside.. but one of the first words I learned since entering the mission field.. was miracle. Almost every single missionary said 기적 (miracle) in their prayer.. and after so many prayers.. one begins to wonder what such and such a word is. So I distinctly remember asking my companion, one night after ending planning.. what in the world that word was.. She stared at me incredulously.. and said it's a miracle! I thought she was meaning that it was a miracle that I didn't know what the definition was... so I apologized and said I never learned it before.. she started laughing.. literally "ROFL" at me.. and said no.. it means miracle. I've included it in every prayer ever since. And it's true.. we see miracles daily, by the hour.. and I am so grateful for every one that brightens our day... that brightens our investigator's day.. but it quickly changed definitions from the original definition i once held for the word. I am ashamed to admit how large my expectations of a miracle became to be.. oh grateful i became for such and such happening.. for a certain investigator coming to church.. for so and so accepting baptism.. but as this week passed me by.. literally.. I still don't know where the time goes.. I began to realize how skewed my definition has become. Heavenly Father is always blessing us.. more than the downpour of snow that falls... and my new definition of miracle.. failed to recognize those little things in my life! all those little snowflakes that make up a whole court yard of snow just waiting to be played in! I would try and blame all the missionaries that throw that word around so lightly.. but I only have myself to blame for forgetting how miraculous everything about every day is! We were in a lesson with one of our Recent converts.. and it was as she was offering a prayer.. that I realized how much more grateful I can and need to be.. family.. I know that this applies to you as well. We have been so fortunate to have been in the church.. to be sealed together as a family.. to have a church building... sorry church buildings.. within walking distance of us! Heavenly Father is a God of miracles.. and I know that He has certain ones for us specifically.. now it is only up to us to recognize those miracles! however small they may seem to be!

Sorry for the shorter response today.. it was fun to personally chat with some of you! I am stoked for Oma to move to UTAH! have fun in Utah this week! Congrats to dad for completing the WHOLE MARATHON! YAYYYY DAD WOOHOO! YOU ROCK! i love you all and you're always in my prayers!! 

All my love,
Sister Willcox

Ward member address: 

Address to Jennifer Willcox Hwang 
HHC USAG Casey Unit 15543 Box 189 APO AP 96224
Sister's at the temple!


I found Eric's signature in the memory book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I don't know about you.. but I'm feeling 22!

Just over here chuckling to myself.. what a blessing... I don't have to listen to that song! Except.. I demand that all of you listen to it once.. in honor of me. Thanks in advance. 

Well, another year has come and gone.. This one.. without pound cake and strawberries or the office "it is your birthday".. let's hope I survive! If we have another week like the last.. not sure If I will.. but here's to hoping! Saying goodbye to my trainer, Sister Choi.. Was one of the hardest things to do.. we really have been through everything together.. and I trusted her like a true eternal companion. I know that might sound absurd.. but it's incredible what coming to a foreign country, inadequate in the language, inadequate in Gospel knowledge, inadequate in everything.. can do to a greenie missionary and her trainer. I received my new companion this week.. she's korean, but has lived in Canada for the last couple of years. She has an older brother and sister.. and she's 24. I don't have a picture of her yet, sorry!

We had the opportunity of going to the Temple again on Tuesday.. absolutely needed.. and without it this week.. I don't think I would have survived. I absolutely love the temple.. Family.. please go.. please be strengthened from it's power from on high.. learn.. and be changed! I really can never express my gratitude for the fact that there's a temple in our mission... how fortunate I am to be able to go every 6 weeks.. We need the temple just as much as those waiting for their work to be done.. and I know that when we sacrifice to make it a priority in our lives, we will leave even more blessed and happy. it's impossible to leave the Holy House of the Lord and not feel the peace of eternal life. After going to the Temple, we went and got our teeth cleaned at Sister Choi's grandfather's dentist office ( huge blessing.. kmichi is rotting my teeth!!!!) and then went with the elders to the famous Seoul outdoor Ice rink!!! It was the worst ice rink I have ever skated on in my entire life.. (it only costed a dollar) which makes that understandable.. but it was so much fun nonetheless! There were even famous Netherlander ice skaters there.. and I can do 4 new ice tricks! It was both a last pday/birthday celebration.. and I am so glad.. for the end of an incredible transfer.. and then new energy and excitement it gave me to start a new transfer. 

We transferred early the next morning.. making it another 4 am morning alarm clock for me 2 days in a row. (the 4th time in a weeks time.. I'm a little sleep deprived since our bedtime is always 10:30) and it was bitter sweet kneeling together for our last prayer as companions.. but I am excited to see why my new companion and I were called to serve together.. i know that Heavenly Father is acutely watching over all of His children.. but with especial care for His missionaries.. and that there is purpose in all things! Now just to learn patience and figure out why! I've been trying to quickly (not to sound rude) forget about Sister Choi.. I feel as if I am cheating on my new companion every time I bring her up.. but what can I say.. our break up came too soon! But regardless.. the work moved on this week! It was terrifying being the experienced sister of our area.. having to have to describe all of our investigators, less actives, members, and recent converts.. It has been such a blessing being able to rely completely upon the atonement.. because i definitely would not have been able to do it without it. I finally learned how (even if it was by force) maneuver our way around this area.. to read the insanely difficult Korean map.. and find apartments and meeting places.. to do our calling and set up a schedule full of miracles.. but He's helping us along.. and I can't express my gratitude for the relationship we've been able to gain. I absolutely love my Savior and this chance to strengthen that relationship.. 

I don't really know how I make it through each day, but it all comes with His strength.. with His love.. with His infinite sacrifice.. How much we need both the cleansing and enabling aspect of the atonement is not measurable.. just as it's powers. I was not at all ready to serve here as the experienced sister.. but by some miracle, we made it through this week... with miracles left and right. I know that it's because of hard work, faith, obedience, and total reliance on the atonement. I know that Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us if we humble ourselves enough to receive them. I have gone through my fair share of feeling inadequate on my mission.. but this week takes the cake.. It showed me how completely reliant I was on Him.. and although it was hard to realize at first.. to know how little man is.. and woman... I'd much rather rely on Him.. the blessings truly have been countless... one of my favorites of this week being.. with an investigator sitting to my left.. turning around and watching one of my favorite Less actives hustling down the hall towards the chapel.. she made it just in time for the sacrament.. and sitting next to her.. after visiting her almost every week since getting to Korea.. for the first time.. as by far the HAPPIEST moment of my entire missionary service so far.. I love this Area.. I am so glad that I have at least another transfer to serve here.. to serve these people that I have grown to love and continue to watch them come unto Christ. They are changing my life more than I am helping them... 

Family.. I love you all.. thank you for all the birthday wishes.. I think for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm getting older.. not necessarily in looks.. apparently I still look like I'm 19.. but with my testimony.. with my desires.. with all of things that all sum up to being the best birthday gift of my entire life. I'm always praying for you all.

I love this Gospel. I love my Savior and I love Heavenly Father. I love this opportunity to bear a piece of the cross... to finally start to realize how incredibly heavy it was. He loves us.. I can bear firm and solid testimony of that. He loves us with more than I can even imagine.. 

All my love,
Sister Willcox

ps.. shout out to Tina for sending me It is your birthday.

My mom is leaving me....

I am not sure how it goes in other missions.. but the Korea Seoul Mission is a Mom (trainer) and daughter (trainee) mission. It might sound weird to others.. but I have called her Oma more than by her name.. and she has called me Dar more than sister Willcox. Transfer calls were this last Saturday and even though we already felt as if we were going to be split up.. it didn't make the phone call any easier.. my mom is leaving me.. to greenie break another sister in my district!! THE BACKSTAB! hahah To say I am a little jealous is an understatement.. We have been together through so much! I've said it before.. and those of you who have served a mission understand this.. but missionary work isn't something that you can describe.. no matter how hard I try.. sure.. there are a lot of cliche phrases that I am sure I could throw around.. but none of them would do it justice.. so I usually just end up saying it's good.. it's life-changing.. it's hard.. blah blah rewarding. But in all honesty, it really is just too expansive to narrow down into a paragraph of description.. But if I were to pick one sentence to describe missionary work form this last week.. It would be impossible to do anything without a companion! I am not entirely positive.. but I believe I've mentioned a few absolutely ridiculous stories with this Sister/Mom of mine.. like her all of a sudden SPRINTING after a bike and running faster than I have ever (even to this day) seen her run.. and without questioning anything... I found myself sprinting after her.. (We ended up chasing an investigator).. or all the times I snuck her the food I just couldn't eat at meals with investigators or members houses.. All the times we've cried together either from being overcome with the spirit.. the hardness of Korean/missionary work.. all the broken sentences.. going to a bath house together.. She's my companion. And because I don't know any better.. I could swear (if I did) that she was my eternal companion! How lucky was I to be the only one to receive a Korean companion amongst the sisters of my district ! how absolutely inspired was it.. that Her grandfather knew our family.. sealed dad and Oma... We saw so many miracles.. prayed an infinite amount of times.. I don't exactly know what I'm going to do without her.. but I do know that I trust my President.. that I trust Heavenly Father.. that they love their missionaries.. and that my new companion ( ANOTHER KOREAN!! IT NEVER HAPPENS! THERE ARE ONLY 60 SISTER MISSIONARIES AND EVEN LESS KOREAN SISTERS.. SO TO BE COMPANIONS WITH 2 IN A ROW IS A MIRACLE! I feel so so so blessed... It has multiplied my Korean learning abilities.. and I just really cannot express my gratitude enough!))) will be another blessing in my life! okay okay.. enough of this sob story.. she's sitting right next to me and i'd rather not cry.. again. 

Well.. I know you're all curious.. what with the picture I sent you!!!! But Hadobogee came to church this week.. to our WARD! It's 20 minutes away... and I wasn't expecting him! It was the most pleasant surprise! He initially committed to only coming to church once a month.. but he has made it 3 times in a row now!! he even came home early from His home town to make it to church and to our appointment Saturday night! He is chugging along and i am so glad that I wasn't transferred away from here and can continue to teach Him! He is the sweetest and has the best more kind personality.. Please pray for him! As for our other investigators.. SO awesome! I feel a little intimidated by the fact that I have to show the ropes around to my new companion.. but I know that we've also got the Lord working with us.. we are working with 2 of them for baptisms this month.. soo... keep them in your prayers as well! (we are encouraged not to mention names// which stinks.. but... you should always be praying for investigators and missionaries anyways.. right ;)) 

I love you all.. we are going to the Temple tomorrow.. soo... less time.. sorry.. but I love you all and will get better at emailing.. I promise! Please continue to come unto Christ..t o focus on that which matters most.. and continue to strengthen your testimonies!! 

All my love, 
Sister Willcox

ps... as for an update on the tongue.. it's healing nicely.. i've bitten my tongue a thousand times.. but... it's weird how much longer it is. hahahah! hahahahhaha wait.. I actually have to share this really fast.. imagine me.. numb tongue.. acutely aware of everything else... see scissors... oh my BRAIN COLD. it was so creepy and I kept squirming in my chair with him charging me with scissors.. and they just kept yelling Korean at me and I had no clue what they were saying and it was by far the scariest moments of my life.. they gave me a toothbrush to grip and it broke. so there's that. 

also.. the new years hike pictures i sent.. we woke up at 4 and went on the most beautiful hike.. the pictures don't do it justice.. and i was completely inadequately prepared.. i had 4 layers of bottoms and 4 layers on top.. but it was -20 and 89 wind humidity.. especially on top of the \mountain.. i thought I was going to die. literally... it was SO COLD. there was snow.. and we had to scale the mountain.. but we made it up without any harm.. everyone else fell.. except yours truly. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

so bloody cold!

soo pretty!

so cold, my water bottle froze in my pocket

beautiful, freezing Seoul

I look scary...but the coolest 6 am hike to a natural spring!

grandpa and the fam at church!! the biggest sunday miracle!

the mom who warmed me up!

oh my the coldest day of my life, but the best NEW YEARS EVER!!!
hiking with the district!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A very Merry Christmas

Talking to you was HEAVENLY! Hearing your voices.. awhh.. what a treat! Not to mention being able to talk to a majority of you in KOREAN?!?!?! WHAT???? When did I miss the boat in remembering that a lot of you speak, (even if only a little) Korean?? I would encourage you to expand whatever Korean level you are currently at.. that means that those of you who speak some better learn as well! Because there's no way I'm going through all of "this" to learn this language to not speak it every day for the rest of my life!! Who needs English anyways..?

December 25th.. November 25th... October 25th.. all three days the same.. because we have that gift EVERY SINGLE DAY! because we share that gift EVERY SINGLE DAY! Of course I would love to see you all.. hug you all.. but hello.... I am living in the spirit of Christmas every single day out here! Who needs Christmas trees... lights.. (okay maybe I need the lights)... who needs the candy canes.. we all need the snickers and reeces trees... But really.. all of these things are so insignificant to what really matters.. to the fact that we can live in the Christmas spirit every single day! 

I already spoke to you about our Christmas festivities.. it was a day.. really a week... I will never forget! But hello.... EVERY DAY OF MY MISSION has been a day I will never forget! A day that I will cherish for the rest of my life! For all eternity! Although it was strange not being by you all.. It was absolutely incredible. A chance for me to really learn what the true meaning of Christmas is. To remember my Savior.. and to remember the perfect gift that our Father in Heaven gave us. How much that gift means to me.. what it does for me. that I have the opportunity to share that gift with all those around me! What a privilege!

Please pray for our investigators.. especially this week. I am always praying for you! And please give me a special prayer for my surgery today.. that's right... this sister is getting her tongue lazered off today... STRESS. I love you all SO SO SOOOO so much.. sorry for the lame email.. i had zero time today since we're going to seoul today for the surgery!

All my love,
Sister Jamie Willcox

the fam


drenched in snow ice
snow snow snow
MIRACLE DAY! the day we gave out 40 Book of Mormon in an hour and a half!
the usual icy sidewalk...literal ice rink!

Sister from Cambodia!

Christmas morning!


Christmas breakfast

My companion is AMAZING at bassoon!!

I'm spoiled!

murre cureesuumussuhh. (Pronouncing Merry Christmas in Korean Characters)

I went and purchased a calling card today, words can't describe how stoked I am to talk to you all!! And since you're all being quite scattered about it, I'll probably just call around the same time I usually email.. hopefully that sounds good to you all!!! Just a heads up.. they ask that we only talk for 40 minutes.. so.......... let's make it count! Actually fam.. make sure you make all of your time count! It goes by wayy too quickly! I really am blown away each day as I write the date.. can you believe it's already almost 2015???? What is this!

Hopefully it comes at no surprise to you that we had yet another absolutely amazing week here in uiejongbieu. (ignore my incorrect English spelling of a Korean word) To start things off.. immediately after emailing you last week... we went to a mowgulptang for my first time last week.. in case you didn't know what that was.. it's the Korean word for a bathhouse!! I know you're probably saying what?? you went to a bathhouse?? But guess what.. it's completely normal over here halfway across the world!! And missionaries are allowed to go! hey, I even gave out a Book of Mormon to a harmony and got her number while we were there!!! It was definitely a new experience... one i will never forget.. and very different than American norms.. But It was heavenly!! They have three pool areas.. a steaming hot pot of water hot tub sort of pool.. then a medium hot one that's filled with tea.. and then an ice cold one! With a sauna and stem room!!! All you do is shower really really good before entering.. they watch you shower to make sure you scrub off all the dirt.. and you don't have clothes... so it was slightly awkward........... but then you're allowed to enter any of the pools.. anyways.. it was awesome!!! I got to swim laps on my mission!!! After swimming/etc... you use this special soap and scrub your body... I came out a new person last Monday.. and my skin has never been so soft before!!! Haha anyways.. Korea is definitely the best mission!

Another funny perk from this last week.. I told my companion I wanted to try and go ice skating on our next pday right before our pday ended last week.. the rest of the night proceeded with a freak weather storm.. snow, rain, ice, snow, snow, rain, ice, snow... so on and so forth (Korea is funky and does both at the same time) we woke up the next morning and on our way to our first appointment following studies... my dream came true... we got to ice skate the whole day!!! hahaha.. it was both hilarious and terrible.. The side walks here are.... less than needed... so with the snow and ice.. there was just a solid 6 inch ice rink on all the side walks.. I'll attach a picture! We've literally skated on our shoes everywhere this past week.. and there isn't a second when you don't witness someone falling.. (i haven't fallen yet.. ... knock on wood.. "I'm not superstitious.. but I am a little stitious") It's snowed so much.. you would be so proud of how I am handling the frigid air!

Which leads to one of the biggest miracles of this entire week!!! It was FREEZING this last week.. and on Saturday.. it was -15. Oh wait.. I'm jumping the gun... first of all- one of my mission bucketlist items was to pass out an entire box of Book of Mormon in one day... well guess what?? In -15 degree weather.. we did it!! We took a taxi to a place about 10 minutes from home.. set up shop (Our box and pass along cards) said a fervent prayer.. and shared the Gospel with as many people as we possibly could! I carried around the mini dvd player we have and shared the "He is the Gift" video in Korean to as many people as I could before it died.. shared the first lesson about 24 times.. couldn't feel my feet anymore.. But we did it!!! passing out our own "Christmas Presents" (the beautiful blue book) It was so amazing to see so many people Stoked to receive the word of God.. we got more numbers on Saturday than we have any other time before.. It was such a Christmas miracle!! I really can't thank you all and Heavenly Father enough for this opportunity I have to be sharing this glorious gift 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!! It changes lives family.. and it continually changes mine!! 

The finally miracle I want to talk about.. happened yesterday.. as we welcome our newest uiejongbieu member!!! I believe it was my 2nd week here.. not entirely sure.. When we went with Elder Bean and Lee to visit Kaya Jensen all together for the first time.. She was the most prepared.. golden.. amazing person ever.. and yesterday, wayy sooner than expected.. she initially  told us that she'd maybe get baptized next year.. well fam!!! she's return to God's fold! It was such a special blessing to be there and witness her special day!!! Her husband is a member.. and their daughter is almost 5.. I really.. could not have been more privilege to witness such a beautiful event in her life.. one that will change their whole family's for eternity.. Our baptisimal covenants are so sacred.. so special.. family.. I encourage you to always remember yours.. to always think about what it means for you.. what it does for you!!

I'm running out of time.. but I just want to tell you that I love you all so much!! I hope you have a fantastic week.. and I will talk to you so so so so so soon! Continue to share the gift!!! I love you!

Ally my love and prayers, 
Sister Willcox

Full doesn't mean anything in Korean....

My first Christmas away from home... Red and green don't line the streets..... Christmas carols aren't playing on the radio... I can't remember the smell of a pine tree... The only time I ever see your faces is when I look at the beautiful picture beside my desk... The only reminders I have of Christmas is the ward Chirstmas party we started organizing and the fact that I will be calling you in two weeks! ps.. I'm supposed to figure out when we'll be talking.. What time works best for you all? Please keep in mind I am 15 hours ahead of you!! I can call anytime! Anyways.. it's weird.. this whole Christmas thing.. But I think, for the first time in my life, I am starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas.. And just as the Mormon Message ( You better have watched it) I asked you to watch last week... Christ really is the gift! What a privilege it is to be sharing that gift every second of every day in the beautiful country of Korea.. with amazing people... Awhh, I love being a missionary. The Christmas season never has to end for us!
Half of my week was spent sitting at our kitchen table..(Sister Choi was really really sick) I have never felt so antsy in my entire time.. Just imagine it.. I'm shaking my leg (as always) reading the book of mormon, finishing the book of mormon, reading the Korean book of mormon until my tongue feels as if it will fall off from the weird motions it has to do while pronouncing Korean, checking my companion.. reading PMG.. multiple times.. reading all of the confrence talks.. role playing to a stuffed animal.. cleaning our entire apartment.. twice.. hahaha I was a site to behold. There isn't anything worse than a missionary with a call to repentance.. being cooped up all day.  The day we were finally able to go out.. was GLORIOUS! I have never been so excited to share my broken Korean before.. hahah. And she recovered in time for us to be able to visit with the family again! huge news, grandfather attended church this sunday! YAYAYAYY!
The appointment with them was by far the funniest experience of my life. We went with the zone leaders.. and my ow my.. it was both a lesson, a dinner appointment and an ab workout! Grandfather placed out 3 abnormally large pears, 4 HUGE apples, and 15 percimmons for us to eat.. by the time we had finished eating a third.. we were all stuffed.. and quickly began shoving fruit in our pockets in order to avoid eating more.. and then grandma brought out dinner.. huge bowls of rice, kimchi and a army sized amount of chapjey... we barely finished what was on the table.. when she promptly go up and brought a second army sized serving of chapjey.. I started crying... and they just kept telling us to keep eating.. we literally barely finished our helpings when the doorbell rang.. they had order a huge plate of meat... and mandu... (enough for a 10 person meal) and 6 bowls of noodles.. ( another meal in and of itself) the elders started crying at this point.. hahah I really could have been fed for an entire week with all the food they provided for us.. thankfully grandma told grandpa we were small girls and coudnlt eat that much.. but poor poor elders...
Anyways... missionary life is the best.. this week ended up being the best... as always... I would like to share a quote with you and invite you to join in on the miracle and blessings of this life i am privileged to have... “There is neither man or woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life”!! I promise that as you realize the purpose of our life on earth, the true meaning of Christmas.. and the absolutle pure joy that comes from following our Savior... you will be happier than you ever have been in your life.. even when you sit at a kitchen table for 40 hours or get force fed 40 pounds of food. I love you all and I'm always praying for you!!!!
Please let me know what time works for you!!!!
All my love,
Sister Willcox