Monday, January 26, 2015


I've read the purple folder a million times over.. and listened to the cd a billion times over.. and have cried looking at the sheet music.. thank you so much for the birthday packages!!! or as my roommates (other 2 sisters, not companions) like to call them.. the Mexico in a box!! I've eaten mexican food or korean food everyday for the last week.. it's been amazing. Which reminds me.. I'm not sure which of you I informed.. but the MTC doctors told me I needed to go off of gluten.. it was fairly easy to do so in the MTC.. what with all the food being labeled in English.. but that 'diet' slowly went down the drain as I got to Korea saying as how I don't even know the word for gluten in Korean..  But after going to the doctor again this week.. thought I'd inform you, I'm off gluten again! After a few weeks of only getting 4 hours of sleep.. and having medical issue after medical issue.. I've discovered I have a intolerance for gluten.. stink. Anyways.. thank you thank you thank you! I am so glad that the postage worked! The ward lady that gave me her APO address, said that you can use it whenever.. for letters even! Just keep in mind that I don't know how long I'll be in this ward.!! She also told me to tell you, that if you send things in a priority flat rate box, it's a lot cheaper!! For those of you other than Reb.. A lady in my ward works for the military.. so she has a US address.. and if you send things to her address.. it costs the same as sending it in the US.. so A LOT CHEAPER... and it gets here in the same delivery time as it would sending something throughout the US! I'll attach her address at the bottom.. also, I hope you got the new mission address email I forwarded to you!

Okay... now to the nitty gritty of another week in the black marshmallow.. it snowed SO MUCH this week.. It was a miracle how much snow there was.. simply because I've never seen so much snow in my life.. and then 2 hours later.. it rains.. and it's all slush.. and we have another ice rink city again. We're going to shovel the church after emailing.. we have permission to have a snowball fight. It's almost embarrassing how thrilled I am! I've quickly learned how miserable snow is.. unless you can play in it.. okay okay.. nitty gritty- This week was by far one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. It was both a privilege and excruciating.... hahah.

Saying as how I am in Korea... I learn a new word about every 10 minutes, even more when we are outside.. but one of the first words I learned since entering the mission field.. was miracle. Almost every single missionary said 기적 (miracle) in their prayer.. and after so many prayers.. one begins to wonder what such and such a word is. So I distinctly remember asking my companion, one night after ending planning.. what in the world that word was.. She stared at me incredulously.. and said it's a miracle! I thought she was meaning that it was a miracle that I didn't know what the definition was... so I apologized and said I never learned it before.. she started laughing.. literally "ROFL" at me.. and said no.. it means miracle. I've included it in every prayer ever since. And it's true.. we see miracles daily, by the hour.. and I am so grateful for every one that brightens our day... that brightens our investigator's day.. but it quickly changed definitions from the original definition i once held for the word. I am ashamed to admit how large my expectations of a miracle became to be.. oh grateful i became for such and such happening.. for a certain investigator coming to church.. for so and so accepting baptism.. but as this week passed me by.. literally.. I still don't know where the time goes.. I began to realize how skewed my definition has become. Heavenly Father is always blessing us.. more than the downpour of snow that falls... and my new definition of miracle.. failed to recognize those little things in my life! all those little snowflakes that make up a whole court yard of snow just waiting to be played in! I would try and blame all the missionaries that throw that word around so lightly.. but I only have myself to blame for forgetting how miraculous everything about every day is! We were in a lesson with one of our Recent converts.. and it was as she was offering a prayer.. that I realized how much more grateful I can and need to be.. family.. I know that this applies to you as well. We have been so fortunate to have been in the church.. to be sealed together as a family.. to have a church building... sorry church buildings.. within walking distance of us! Heavenly Father is a God of miracles.. and I know that He has certain ones for us specifically.. now it is only up to us to recognize those miracles! however small they may seem to be!

Sorry for the shorter response today.. it was fun to personally chat with some of you! I am stoked for Oma to move to UTAH! have fun in Utah this week! Congrats to dad for completing the WHOLE MARATHON! YAYYYY DAD WOOHOO! YOU ROCK! i love you all and you're always in my prayers!! 

All my love,
Sister Willcox

Ward member address: 

Address to Jennifer Willcox Hwang 
HHC USAG Casey Unit 15543 Box 189 APO AP 96224
Sister's at the temple!


I found Eric's signature in the memory book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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