Sunday, January 11, 2015

Full doesn't mean anything in Korean....

My first Christmas away from home... Red and green don't line the streets..... Christmas carols aren't playing on the radio... I can't remember the smell of a pine tree... The only time I ever see your faces is when I look at the beautiful picture beside my desk... The only reminders I have of Christmas is the ward Chirstmas party we started organizing and the fact that I will be calling you in two weeks! ps.. I'm supposed to figure out when we'll be talking.. What time works best for you all? Please keep in mind I am 15 hours ahead of you!! I can call anytime! Anyways.. it's weird.. this whole Christmas thing.. But I think, for the first time in my life, I am starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas.. And just as the Mormon Message ( You better have watched it) I asked you to watch last week... Christ really is the gift! What a privilege it is to be sharing that gift every second of every day in the beautiful country of Korea.. with amazing people... Awhh, I love being a missionary. The Christmas season never has to end for us!
Half of my week was spent sitting at our kitchen table..(Sister Choi was really really sick) I have never felt so antsy in my entire time.. Just imagine it.. I'm shaking my leg (as always) reading the book of mormon, finishing the book of mormon, reading the Korean book of mormon until my tongue feels as if it will fall off from the weird motions it has to do while pronouncing Korean, checking my companion.. reading PMG.. multiple times.. reading all of the confrence talks.. role playing to a stuffed animal.. cleaning our entire apartment.. twice.. hahaha I was a site to behold. There isn't anything worse than a missionary with a call to repentance.. being cooped up all day.  The day we were finally able to go out.. was GLORIOUS! I have never been so excited to share my broken Korean before.. hahah. And she recovered in time for us to be able to visit with the family again! huge news, grandfather attended church this sunday! YAYAYAYY!
The appointment with them was by far the funniest experience of my life. We went with the zone leaders.. and my ow my.. it was both a lesson, a dinner appointment and an ab workout! Grandfather placed out 3 abnormally large pears, 4 HUGE apples, and 15 percimmons for us to eat.. by the time we had finished eating a third.. we were all stuffed.. and quickly began shoving fruit in our pockets in order to avoid eating more.. and then grandma brought out dinner.. huge bowls of rice, kimchi and a army sized amount of chapjey... we barely finished what was on the table.. when she promptly go up and brought a second army sized serving of chapjey.. I started crying... and they just kept telling us to keep eating.. we literally barely finished our helpings when the doorbell rang.. they had order a huge plate of meat... and mandu... (enough for a 10 person meal) and 6 bowls of noodles.. ( another meal in and of itself) the elders started crying at this point.. hahah I really could have been fed for an entire week with all the food they provided for us.. thankfully grandma told grandpa we were small girls and coudnlt eat that much.. but poor poor elders...
Anyways... missionary life is the best.. this week ended up being the best... as always... I would like to share a quote with you and invite you to join in on the miracle and blessings of this life i am privileged to have... “There is neither man or woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life”!! I promise that as you realize the purpose of our life on earth, the true meaning of Christmas.. and the absolutle pure joy that comes from following our Savior... you will be happier than you ever have been in your life.. even when you sit at a kitchen table for 40 hours or get force fed 40 pounds of food. I love you all and I'm always praying for you!!!!
Please let me know what time works for you!!!!
All my love,
Sister Willcox


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