Monday, January 26, 2015

True Happiness

Fam fam fam,

I may have stopped writing best week ever.. but as I take the time to reflect on each week.. I hope you remember that I always mean it.. this week especially. What an absolutely incredible week.. and we didn't even go to the temple!! (we're going tomorrow) From the sounds of things.. it sounds like you all had a great week as well.. So jealous about stake conference.. it sounded awesome! ours will be Feb 7-8.. in Korean. I'll try to relay the messages to you as well.. testing out my translating skills ;)

I started a new thing this week.. writing down every blessing that I saw throughout the day.. my planner was completely filled before the days even ended and I found myself that much more happier and energized to do all that was asked of us and more. My companion said she's never known someone to smile so much.. it's been a 360 kind of week. As most of you know.. this new transfer has been a pretty rough transition for me.. But as I said to Angie & Stu and as it states in my blessing.. I have been so fortunate to not have doubted, not even for a second.. my decision to serve a mission. We're told that this is a Priesthood duty.. and in no way a requirement for sisters. When I was STL, there were countless sister interviews I participated in.. where the sister was questioning her decision to serve a mission.. each one always reminding me how blessed I've been to know.. without any doubts.. that this is where and what I should and need to be doing. This may seem like a small thing, and I know that there are so many other faithful sisters who are serving or who have served without any doubts as well.. except the thing is.. this small fact has carried me through some of the hardest experiences of my entire life. it has carried me through this excruciatingly hard transition... and has helped us transform this transfer into a one of miracles! 

As I've said before.. missionary work is hard. We all have our own free agency.. and as much as I wish I could just sit our investigators down and make them understand, know and feel my testimony of this message we are sharing.. Know of the love I have for them.. only a fraction of the Love Heavenly Father has for them... understand that this is ETERNAL LIFE.. I am repeatedly slapped in the face- the choice to accept is theirs.. and theirs alone. Which leads us to pushing ourselves harder than we ever had.. I really have never studied this hard in my life.. the Gospel.. and the equally difficult and never-ending Korean.. praying constantly.. just to be as effective as we can possibly be in His hands.. to be the tool that these people need to feel, know and do all that we are sharing with them. And you know what? IT STILL DOESN'T WORK ALL THE TIME. hahaha.. but, for the first time since getting to Korea.. I'm not only just seeing the fruits of all of these labors.. but really tasting them.. and it isn't a taste I've ever had the privilege of knowing before.. and it's different than what I ever assumed it would be.. Our investigators, members, less actives, my companion.. just everyone in my life.. is blowing me away and making this SO SO WORTH IT!. 

family.. I am so happy. I thought I was living the life.. that I had it made.. i love you all, have great friends, love BYU, am a member.. but none of that will ever compare to these feelings I'm living. The investigator who's picture I will include at the bottom of this... the one who has all of my heart and would make everything I ever experience in life worth it.. is a piano prodigy. I've never heard, known, seen someone play the piano like her before. it isn't a hobby or a skill.. the piano is very much apart of her. Well... she has a hard time expressing herself.. so one day, I asked her to express how she feels through a song.. she sat down and told us that this is how it feels when she meets us.. how she feels at church.. how she feels when she reads the book of Mormon.. and that song changed my life and put my very own testimony into words. I am happy. 

I love you all and I'm always praying for you.. thank you for your prayers and your motivation. I am so so blessed and grateful for all of you! continue to come unto Christ.. to be perfected in Him. 

Moses 7:21.. I know that process doesn't happen by chance. 

All my love, 
Sister Willcox
Sister Homes. We were on exchanges.. I fit right in with Koreans.. but serving with her this week was interesting.. SHE'S SO TALL

this is my angel

I love her so so so much - (if I haddddddddddddd..... to choose a favorite investigator...... but we don't do that.. so I love them all so much) her baptism is the 8th of Feb.

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