Sunday, January 11, 2015

A very Merry Christmas

Talking to you was HEAVENLY! Hearing your voices.. awhh.. what a treat! Not to mention being able to talk to a majority of you in KOREAN?!?!?! WHAT???? When did I miss the boat in remembering that a lot of you speak, (even if only a little) Korean?? I would encourage you to expand whatever Korean level you are currently at.. that means that those of you who speak some better learn as well! Because there's no way I'm going through all of "this" to learn this language to not speak it every day for the rest of my life!! Who needs English anyways..?

December 25th.. November 25th... October 25th.. all three days the same.. because we have that gift EVERY SINGLE DAY! because we share that gift EVERY SINGLE DAY! Of course I would love to see you all.. hug you all.. but hello.... I am living in the spirit of Christmas every single day out here! Who needs Christmas trees... lights.. (okay maybe I need the lights)... who needs the candy canes.. we all need the snickers and reeces trees... But really.. all of these things are so insignificant to what really matters.. to the fact that we can live in the Christmas spirit every single day! 

I already spoke to you about our Christmas festivities.. it was a day.. really a week... I will never forget! But hello.... EVERY DAY OF MY MISSION has been a day I will never forget! A day that I will cherish for the rest of my life! For all eternity! Although it was strange not being by you all.. It was absolutely incredible. A chance for me to really learn what the true meaning of Christmas is. To remember my Savior.. and to remember the perfect gift that our Father in Heaven gave us. How much that gift means to me.. what it does for me. that I have the opportunity to share that gift with all those around me! What a privilege!

Please pray for our investigators.. especially this week. I am always praying for you! And please give me a special prayer for my surgery today.. that's right... this sister is getting her tongue lazered off today... STRESS. I love you all SO SO SOOOO so much.. sorry for the lame email.. i had zero time today since we're going to seoul today for the surgery!

All my love,
Sister Jamie Willcox

the fam


drenched in snow ice
snow snow snow
MIRACLE DAY! the day we gave out 40 Book of Mormon in an hour and a half!
the usual icy sidewalk...literal ice rink!

Sister from Cambodia!

Christmas morning!


Christmas breakfast

My companion is AMAZING at bassoon!!

I'm spoiled!

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