Sunday, January 11, 2015

murre cureesuumussuhh. (Pronouncing Merry Christmas in Korean Characters)

I went and purchased a calling card today, words can't describe how stoked I am to talk to you all!! And since you're all being quite scattered about it, I'll probably just call around the same time I usually email.. hopefully that sounds good to you all!!! Just a heads up.. they ask that we only talk for 40 minutes.. so.......... let's make it count! Actually fam.. make sure you make all of your time count! It goes by wayy too quickly! I really am blown away each day as I write the date.. can you believe it's already almost 2015???? What is this!

Hopefully it comes at no surprise to you that we had yet another absolutely amazing week here in uiejongbieu. (ignore my incorrect English spelling of a Korean word) To start things off.. immediately after emailing you last week... we went to a mowgulptang for my first time last week.. in case you didn't know what that was.. it's the Korean word for a bathhouse!! I know you're probably saying what?? you went to a bathhouse?? But guess what.. it's completely normal over here halfway across the world!! And missionaries are allowed to go! hey, I even gave out a Book of Mormon to a harmony and got her number while we were there!!! It was definitely a new experience... one i will never forget.. and very different than American norms.. But It was heavenly!! They have three pool areas.. a steaming hot pot of water hot tub sort of pool.. then a medium hot one that's filled with tea.. and then an ice cold one! With a sauna and stem room!!! All you do is shower really really good before entering.. they watch you shower to make sure you scrub off all the dirt.. and you don't have clothes... so it was slightly awkward........... but then you're allowed to enter any of the pools.. anyways.. it was awesome!!! I got to swim laps on my mission!!! After swimming/etc... you use this special soap and scrub your body... I came out a new person last Monday.. and my skin has never been so soft before!!! Haha anyways.. Korea is definitely the best mission!

Another funny perk from this last week.. I told my companion I wanted to try and go ice skating on our next pday right before our pday ended last week.. the rest of the night proceeded with a freak weather storm.. snow, rain, ice, snow, snow, rain, ice, snow... so on and so forth (Korea is funky and does both at the same time) we woke up the next morning and on our way to our first appointment following studies... my dream came true... we got to ice skate the whole day!!! hahaha.. it was both hilarious and terrible.. The side walks here are.... less than needed... so with the snow and ice.. there was just a solid 6 inch ice rink on all the side walks.. I'll attach a picture! We've literally skated on our shoes everywhere this past week.. and there isn't a second when you don't witness someone falling.. (i haven't fallen yet.. ... knock on wood.. "I'm not superstitious.. but I am a little stitious") It's snowed so much.. you would be so proud of how I am handling the frigid air!

Which leads to one of the biggest miracles of this entire week!!! It was FREEZING this last week.. and on Saturday.. it was -15. Oh wait.. I'm jumping the gun... first of all- one of my mission bucketlist items was to pass out an entire box of Book of Mormon in one day... well guess what?? In -15 degree weather.. we did it!! We took a taxi to a place about 10 minutes from home.. set up shop (Our box and pass along cards) said a fervent prayer.. and shared the Gospel with as many people as we possibly could! I carried around the mini dvd player we have and shared the "He is the Gift" video in Korean to as many people as I could before it died.. shared the first lesson about 24 times.. couldn't feel my feet anymore.. But we did it!!! passing out our own "Christmas Presents" (the beautiful blue book) It was so amazing to see so many people Stoked to receive the word of God.. we got more numbers on Saturday than we have any other time before.. It was such a Christmas miracle!! I really can't thank you all and Heavenly Father enough for this opportunity I have to be sharing this glorious gift 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!! It changes lives family.. and it continually changes mine!! 

The finally miracle I want to talk about.. happened yesterday.. as we welcome our newest uiejongbieu member!!! I believe it was my 2nd week here.. not entirely sure.. When we went with Elder Bean and Lee to visit Kaya Jensen all together for the first time.. She was the most prepared.. golden.. amazing person ever.. and yesterday, wayy sooner than expected.. she initially  told us that she'd maybe get baptized next year.. well fam!!! she's return to God's fold! It was such a special blessing to be there and witness her special day!!! Her husband is a member.. and their daughter is almost 5.. I really.. could not have been more privilege to witness such a beautiful event in her life.. one that will change their whole family's for eternity.. Our baptisimal covenants are so sacred.. so special.. family.. I encourage you to always remember yours.. to always think about what it means for you.. what it does for you!!

I'm running out of time.. but I just want to tell you that I love you all so much!! I hope you have a fantastic week.. and I will talk to you so so so so so soon! Continue to share the gift!!! I love you!

Ally my love and prayers, 
Sister Willcox

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