Friday, May 8, 2015

3 pounds lighter

Imagine this.. 2 sister missionaries walking home after emailing their family.. elate, happy, no problems in the world.. one sister turning to the other, "I want to cut my hair."... "Good idea! you keep complaining about it!" "okay.. there's a barbershop.. if it's busy.. maybe next week.. if they have time later.. I'll do it." .. "promise?" .. "ya, why not." we walked down the ally and my heart stopped moving as we looked in the window.. THERE WASN'T A SINGLE SOUL INSIDE.

Each snip of her scissors brought a lightened feeling to my head and now I am 3 pounds lighter. heheh .. Just really getting into the missionary mode of things! Anyways.. fam, this week was incredible!! Really.. I'm still in awe. 

I don't know if I mentioned the fact that we are teaching a Jehovah's witness family from Jamaica.. the husband is white.. and the wife is Korean but both are fluent in English! It's been the first experience for both of us to teach in English, slightly stressful.. but such a great blessing! I've been so scared that my testimony wasn't growing.. what with the whole not being able to understand everyone who bears their testimony and being limited in mine own expression of testimony.. Anyways.. The first couple of times we met them we weren't even allowed to pray together.. (they were nervous that we might be praying to a false God) Well, we have moved on and started slowly progressing..  we were teaching about the Holy Ghost and personal and modern revelation this last week... If you know anything about JW.. they do not believe in such a thing! So if you can only imagine how terribly wrong the lesson was going! Now fam.. I know you know this, but let me make it clear.. I am NOT A BIBLE SCHOLAR! one year in seminary and even studying in Israel has not even gotten me a fraction closer to the word. So in the middle of a lesson.. with 4 adult bible scholars.. I want to share an experience I had of having the Holy Ghost speak through me. I had just turned the next principle over to my companion to teach (if only you had seen us role-playing throughout the day.. she was a little nervous to do it in English!) We were so set, I was so ready for her to "dumbfound" them with her English and testimony hehe.. and then.... they asked us where it says that personal revelation is available in these latter-days. The look son our faces were a dead give away.. and then a peaceful feeling came over me and let me to a scripture reference I swear I have never even heard before. Acts 2:17-18. The dumbfounded looks made their way to their faces.. and for the first time.. they acknowledged a truth of our church that is vacant in theirs. Oh man.. there really is nothing like knowing that the Holy Ghost is working through.. really.. 

AND THEN! just 10 minutes later.. Sister An, received her own personal revelation.. Even though she was so nervous to be teaching in English.. she went out of course and shared a thought that had come to her concerning PR.. and wow.. those same faces came back to their faces.. and not because she was speaking English. It was such an incredible appointment.. one that I am so excited for the follow up tomorrow! Pray for us!

Family.. I still have so much to learn about the Gospel.. but I think I can firmly state that the Enabling powers of the Atonement will forever be my favorite topic to learn about. They are just as real as the cleansing.. and they apply to every situation. I would encourage you to discover how the enabling aspects of the atonement change your life.. or decide what you want to be changed, and then apply those powers. With hard work and prayer.. the recipe is quite easy.. I know you will see miracles! I love you all so muuch.. I am so grateful for my upbringing in the Gospel.. So proud of your continued perseverance towards the tree of life.. the path has not been easy.. but I know that the fruit is worth it! Read your scriptures.. continue to pray. Go to the temple.. and serve EVERYONE around you!

All my love, 
Sister Willcox

Sorry, it got ruined last time

Taco Bell!!


notice anything different?? maybe 13 inches?!?!

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