Friday, May 8, 2015

The Epistle of February

Hi fam. 

What a wonderful FREEZING week here in Uijeonbu. The big black marshmallow made its second debut.. and I haven't taken it off since. Everyone's been telling me it's spring.. but spring has never felt like this before!!! I'm so excited for the upcoming cherry blossoms though! I can't believe it's been so hot in Arizona! That sounds almost miserable! But I am jealous of all the fun activities and camping excursions you were able to go on! I'm so happy to hear that you're all doing so well.. that you had a great fast a testimony meeting today.. I can definitely say the same. 

I may not have understood everything that was going on.. but I was able to witness my first baby blessing in church yesterday... Once again.. it was a humble reminder of the expansion and truthfulness of this Gospel.. of the Power of God wherever we are.. There is not a place in the world that His light and power cannot touch! Even though it's so hard.. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to learn and serve in Korean.. to strengthen my understanding of how the Gospel applies to everyone.. is for everyone.. including me. I don't know why.. but I find myself teaching simple principles of the Gospel.. looking our investigators in the eyes and testifying that what I'm saying is true.. and then not allowing these same principles to apply in mine own life. Silly me.. always thinking I'm an exception of redemption or blessings.. it really is a good thing that I get to teach these over and over again.. I think it's really just to teach and remind myself. 

I made it a goal to read all of PMG through every transfer, each time focusing on something different. This time, I am focusing on the word effective. Although I haven't counted each appearance of the word.. It is stated frequently throughout!! Naturally.. one begins to wonder how effectively they're working.. it's not that I think I am doing something wrong.. that I am doing nothing. It's quite the contrary actually.. With the Lord's help, I have been able to do so many things! Begin to learn Korean.. a language I have been around my entire life, but never before learned.. See the miracle of helping someone turn their life over to Christ and be made new.. whole and complete... watch my companions become people I am so so proud and blessed to associate with and serve alongside.. not to mention all of the blessings I continue to hear about from you.. However... I can't help but wonder if I could be doing this more effectively! Every ward has a baptismal goal.. each mission a standard of excellence.. and then there are the unsaid "amounts" that the missionaries share amongst themselves. The end result of being conversational in Korean.. but not fluent.. having a baptism every 4-5 months.. not receiving member referrals.. and I can't help but scream the word inefficiency!  As I study PMG everyday.. as I study what it tells us to do, what it promises us will happen.. If the scriptures contain the word of God, if they contain promises of the Lord, I feel that depending upon my efficiency.. asking for the miracles of Hebrews 11 to come to Seoul Korea is more than attainable! Family.. I decided to try something new this week.. to work at full efficiency.. It's a starting process... but i can't help but trust In God's promises.. I know that as you labor in all that you do.. that you work efficiently with all that you are assigned.. that you too can call down the miracles of our Father in Heaven.. Let's do it together! 

Okay.. you can all ask Angie why this is scattered. Love you all so much. I am ever praying for you. and SO proud to call you my family. 

All my love, 
Sister Willcox

Temple Day!! with my cute fun companion Sister An!

I found a taco bell!!!

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