Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Germanphobic

I figured I'd start with the classic: BEST WEEK EVER! Except really this time... really really really I mean it. Also, sorry for the short and lacking-picture emails last Monday.. We only took a little time out of our day to email and had our Preparation dayon Friday to go to the DMZ. In case you were wondering.. I went to a new country on Friday.. you might have heard of it before.. North Korea.. Whaaaaa? 

In the wise and oh-so-limited English vocabulary my companion, Sister Choi knows... The DMZ was "this is "I'm so buckets!"" The Elder who taught her that is already home.. but I need to find him someday and thank Him. She's learned quite the "guharly" vocabulary from him. Seriously though, North Korea!!!! Our senior couple has actively participated in the army since maybe infancy and got our entire zone a private tour of the DMZ, including the JSA (Joint Security Area)!!! halfway though our tour the guide stopped us and told us we were standing in North Korea! Even though I've heard so much about North Korea, The DMZ, etc., It never struck me so much until Friday.. Each day I spend in Korea strengthens my love for this incredible country.. but nothing has come close to motivating me to bring them all the Gospel like going to the DMZ. The world without the Gospel of Jesus Christ is war, broken families, cruelty, hatred... (fill in all other depressing words).. There have been so many hardships brought to these wonderful people.. to their families.. and I know that the blessings of the Gospel can bring them joy for this life and the next. It's always scary to approach others, especially with my limited vocabulary, but I know that God loves all of His children... that they NEED the Gospel.. It's scary, but how selfish would it be for us to hold back the happiness we have received so freely??? 

Missionary work seems hard.. but in reality.. all we need but do is open our mouths.. The spirit will testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel.. but we need to be the mouth pieces for that message.. Family, I invite you to share the Gospel with someone that comes to mind.. And if someone doesn't initially come to mind, then pray about it.. I promise there is a child of God in need of the atonement of Jesus Christ.. and He will lead you to that person! We don't need to be set apart missionaries to be worthy of the spirit! And we especially don't need to be in a foreign country to share this message.. Everyone needs the Gospel. Everyone is a child of a loving Heavenly Father. 

I don't know if I already told you this.. but it truly feels like this is where I belong.. And I don't just mean on a mission.. I really... am so in love with this place.. I could easily live here for the rest of my life. The Church is so small here.. and there is so much work to be done.. and even though I wish I could bring it to them all in 18 months.. I know it can't be done.. But it's motivating me to talk to EVERYONE i see.. To not waste a single second.. To not let a single person pass me by on the street. It's amazing to see how many more people we've contacted in the last two weeks compared to any prior.. I wish everyone could understand how much impact they could have if they opened their mouth.. I am so glad and grateful Heavenly Father sent me to a place that He knew I would love like it were really a part of me.. because it truly is.. and I want all of these humble, generous, loving people to know what we know.. to know that  this life and it's hardships aren't for naught.. man, I wish everyone could just hear the message of the Gospel.. Help me OUT!

it's really hard when people reject us. or when we have to give up an investigator.. or when we get stood up for appointments.. I really haven't cried so much in my life, and we know I am already such a big cry baby.. but It's okay.. I wouldn't give up being this close to the spirit for anything. the tears are worth it. the struggle for me to learn Korean is worth it because only then will I be able to fully complete the task heavenly Father has called me to. I am so lucky my companion is who she is.. Heavenly Father really knows me and sent me to the perfect companionship. IT'S Disgustingly hard to understand each other, she has a lot to learn about English.. as with me and Korean.. but we make it work and the atonement makes up the rest. 

I just finished reading 3 Nephi yesterday... Oh how much Jesus loves us... How willing and desirous He is to spend time with each of us one on one.. It's easy to get caught up in wanting to talk with everyone.. But that's not how Jesus did it, He cared after each person one by one... That's how much He loves all of us.. I love how much I am learning about the gospel.. How much my testimony continues to grow.. gaining spiritual strength is infinitely more important than things of material matter.. I hope you always remember that.. That you continue to strengthen your testimony.. I promise it will be the true rock to your foundation.. that it will carry you through all that comes in your path. 

I love you all.. Sorry this is so scattered... i blame all the individual emails I sent you all.. ;) 

I'm always praying for you... Pray to Heavenly Father... take the time to converse with Him. It's always worth it. I promise! 

ps.. I tried telling my companion I was a germaphobe and she thought I said germanphobic and thinks i hate germans now. so............ 

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