Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scattered.. no time.. too busy being a missionary

Guess who is arriving in Seoul, Korea on the 14th of October?! This sister! Receiving our flight plans was better than any Christmas present I've ever received.. no offense. So here are the details:

Delta Airlines 1857 Arriving in Seattle, WA at 9:36 am 13 OCT 2013
Delta Airlines 199 Arriving in Seoul, Korea at 3:50 pm 14 OCT 2014 

We are allowed to call home anytime between 9:36 when we land and 12:15 when we take off, so have your phones at the ready! Also, please dear elder me the phone numbers you would like me to call on please!!! Either tonight, tomorrow or early early Saturday... I won't receive any other mail after that! Ahh, I cannot wait to hear your voices! 

Okay back to reality.... Everyone deserves a sister like Tina Sumsion... Who taught me, through our endless hours of "beautifying time", to listen to General Conference talks. The tradition started by our little angel stayed with me when I went off to college and has planted a love for general conference and my own personal testimony on modern day prophets and revelation. Each year I anxiously await April and October... and this year was even better than ever before. Everyone always talked about the power of watching General Conference as a missionary.. but they've never done it justice. Everything about God's purpose, His work and glory, pertains to bringing to pass the eternal life and immortality of man... in the past, present and future. Utilize your time not being on a mission ;) and continue to study those talks... They were absolutely inspired and directed for our modern day. 

I have been so blind.. so completely wrapped up in the "material" things of the world.. With moments of happiness scattered throughout the day instead of simply realizing what truly makes us happy. I have been chasing day dream after whimsical fantasy... drawing up the perfect fiction novel.. and what do I have to show for it? I have been given so much in this life, especially concerning gifts. The Lord hath blessed me so abundantly and I've taken it all for granted,, always searching for the end of the rainbow. I have lived a great life so far.. but great in who's eyes? This general conference opened my eyes to new sights.. places I have been too terrified to look for. Well.. It's time to hold myself accountable.. If not for the fact that I am leaving for Korea in 4 days or have a strong testimony of this Gospel.. then for my God! Who's time I am now on. The last 2 months have not been a walk in the park.. as I've mentioned in previous emails and letters home.. but it has already been the BEST chapter of my entire life. Life is full of ups and downs.. We will never lead a perfect life.. or even day. There are too many outside factors, too many opposing attackers.. and far too many personal agencies on the table. Regardless of who we are or where we stand with God, we will always face the adversary (Alma 48:21)... And although I am not ready to face Him alone, as I remember who is on my team, I can face him.. every single time.. and come out conqueror. 

Family, I encourage you to take accountability. Not only for today.. but for the past and most definitely for the future. As my time at the MTC comes to a close and I've reflected on the last two months.. On the lessons I've learned, the testimony I've gained and the trials I've faced... I am proud to offer up my very best months to the Lord. Let's to that every day for the rest of our lives! Sorry for the scattered-ness of this email.. and for the shortness.. today was stressful as my last pday and I only have 20 minutes total to email... But I'll put your letters in the mail later today!!

There is literally 5 minutes until the end of my last pday in the United States... I just barely got out of the Temple and cannot stop smiling.. First of all... we went with the Korean Natives today.. so we organized ourselves at a separate time than usual, a few hours than normal.. sister Stancliffe forgot her recommend and we had to sprint back and ended up having to wait for the next session.. and you'll never guess who I see sitting in the row in front of me. Little Miss Merry Mak!!! (Makaelee) I about died. Second of all, easily the best Temple trip of my life.. I went to the Temple with specific questions in my heart.. and every single one of them was answered or confirmed. I know that the church is true. That God has provided us with a Plan of Salvation. That our Savior's atonement redeems and enables us in order to follow that plan. That we have a modern day prophet today.. that his name is President Thomas S. Monson and that he is called of God. That his counsels to us today are revelation from God.. We are so privileged to have General Conference twice a year... If I could say they're my favorite holidays I would. I encourage you all to pray to God with any questions you have... He will answer you. 

The next time you hear from me I'll be 15 hours ahead of you.. so many miles away I can't even remember the number... but before that time comes.. It's time to say, "BEST WEEK EVER!!" Easily the most spiritually and inspiring general conference.. We were asked to stand and sing Called to Serve at the Devotional and I cried. My elders did SO WELL AT CONFERENCE, Ye Elders of Israel was out of this world. Sister Stancliffe and I were recommended and picked to represent one companionship of four chosen throughout the whole MTC for people and my purpose.. I had to pray in front of everyone and needed to pause for 30 seconds due to my lack of remembering how to open a prayer in English.. and caught myself speaking Korean and then closing the prayer in Korean.. It was more of a happy moment then embarrassing. Second, I LOVE MY DISTRICT and refuse to say goodbye to them. Third... one of my new friend missionaries going to Japan asked me if I was half Korean and half Black.. when I asked her why all she responded with was I've seen you dance and jerk... I've never felt so happy hahaha. Okay okay.. sorry, gotta go... I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Make this next week the best. Use your agency and align it with God's will for you.. I promise He'll bless you beyond comprehension! I CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!! EEP!!

All my love,
Sister Willcox

My companion made me make a wish..
when a random elder asked me to hold his coat.
I love my district!!
My desk..

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