Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The meek shall inherit the Kindgom of God

Throughout my life, I have had to constantly remind myself, "Jamie, beware of pride!" Hardly ever thinking about the opposite..  We are children of God, exponentially blessed from a loving Heavenly Father who can command both the seas and the earth. I know for a fact that He loves to bless us because I have been blessed beyond measure. However, pride shortly follows blessings if we are not careful... with examples displayed throughout the entire Book of Mormon. Well.. what is the opposite of pride? Meekness.

I have been called as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints..  Called to be the hands, heart and voice of my Savior. One of my favorite sacrament hymns has always been, which I will attribute to To Satisfy The Law... "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth". God is God.. He is all powerful, all Omnipotent, He commands both the seas and the earth.. I believe if He had wanted Christ to be born in a palace it would have been done. However I have traveled to the place of our Savior's birth.. I know that He came to earth to a  meek, virtuous and loving mother named Mary.. was born to a humble carpenter named Joseph and that He was born in a manger. From the very moment He came to earth.. Christ exemplified meekness. Throughout His life.. He walked wherever He needed to go.. He prayed.. he submitted Himself to the Father.. Even to the atoning and Crucifixion for all mankind.  I used to think I had already done my part.. submitted myself to the Lord and turned in my mission papers. Considered my decision sufficiently meek...

Prior to leaving on a mission I complied a list of all of my favorite quotes, one of them comes from Lectures on Faith 6:7, "We are not just urged to be devoted to God's cause, but also to be prepared to sacrifice all things, giving, if necessary, the last full measure of our devotion." Yes it is true, I have devoted the next year and a half to the Lord.. but is that enough? Dedicating my time here on earth to something that will bless me more than will cost me? Did our Savior simply give up 34 years of his time to dwell on earth? No. He came to earth and performed miracle after miracle, healed person after person... even performed the greatest sacrifice this world will ever know. Did He just give His time? 

I am not going to end my mission, nor you complete your time here on earth.. turn to God and say, "Here you go, take it or leave it!" Christ did not endure pain, ridicule and the atonement.. turn to God and say "Alright, I'm done" .. He turned to his Father.. OUR Father and said, "Thy will be done." He devoted everything, EVERYTHING He had to God.. and gave it to Him faithfully up to the very last second of his life. Joseph Smith did not check out the second someone turned on him... Or when He received the gold plates. He endured all.. he meekly submitted himself to the will of the Father until the very last second of His life... This applies to every prophet we have ever had or will have. This applies to me. 

I am not even a fraction of the missionary I am without the Lord. If it had been up to me... I would have gone stateside.. English speaking. But the Lord had other plans for me, He has other plans for you. And even though it's hard to submit myself in all things... I am learning that only the meek know how to fully draw upon the Lord for assistance. And I need all the assistance I can get. I know that the same God that called Moses to lead the Israelites out of captivity has called me.. Sister Willcox to lead His beloved Koreans out of captivity. (Alma 29:11-13) Although I may not need the same miracles to make it happen... I know He will help me in my endeavors as I meekly submit to His will. Even Christ said, "I can of mine own self do nothing." (John 5:30) If the Son of Man calls upon God for assistance how much more in need are we??? 

The Ogden Utah Temple re-dedication was this past week and we were fortunate enough to participate. Everything about the Temple teaches of, testifies of and points to Christ. I fully believe that our Bodies are temples.. places where God can be with us. I want everything about (my) temple to teach, testify and point to the Lord. I invite you to make this temple re-dedication with me. To dedicate yourself to the service of the Lord pertaining to the Salvation of man. To be a clean, strengthening beacon to all. To never let spiritual darkness tempt your spiritual light. Just as I know Temples bring peace to our hearts and peace to our lives... I know that we can bring that same peace to others around us. 18 months is proving to be even shorter than I ever imagined.. If I don't dedicate myself now.. when will I?

Elder Ballard came and spoke to us on Tuesday which prompted me to ask myself.. Why am I serving a mission.. To be tired everyday? To spend countless hours on my knees and wipe tears from my eyes every night? To learn Korean? To spend literally days staring at a brink wall consisting of 247 orange bricks? I know why I am serving.. I am serving because I love my Savior. Because nothing in the world could ever replace what the Gospel means for me..what the gospel does for me. I know that my Savior lives. That we are children of our Heavenly Father. What good is a testimony if we never share it. (this next week is fast sunday...;)) 

I am so grateful for everything my mission has already taught me.. starting with how important eternal families are. I love you all so very much.. I really couldn't be doing without you.. nor would I want to. 

Humble seeker of happiness, (Alma 27:17-18)
Sister Willcox

ps... one of the natives gave a talk on sunday.. I literally fell off my seat.. stretched my jaw from opening it so wide and starting crying from hysterically laughing at the fact that I DID NOT UNDERSTAND save but 10 words she said. President Yost perfectly portrayed my thoughts by standing up to speak after her and saying, "Oh chamaynem (sister), I can't even speak in English that fast." What am I in store for? 

pss. Directly following a district testimony meeting with our teachings.. (Swoon, amazing) the ZL's and my new STL companion and I welcomed new missionaries again! This time however.. I am happy to report.. I wasn't even thinking about the testimony part but when it came to be my turn... I found myself holding back tears as I testified of my Savior.. of this amazing gospel we have. ahhh the perks of being in the MTC for 7 weeks. 

psss. I love my companion.

pssss.... I get my flight plans and visa next friday.

psssss.... for some reason I say ahh, crayooh (the equivalent of "really" in English) more than anything else, and with different pronunciation to get my point across.. well.. my district caught the ahh crayooh fever and now mocks me for that. LOL. annmahshesoyo. 

pssssss.... Sorry last one.. during one of our investigator lessons this week to an investigator who struggles with every aspect of the word of wisdom... He asked why God gave us this commandment.. and due to my limited vocabulary all I could say, very animatedly and with more volume following each statement.. God doesn't want us to need beer.. to need to smoke.. God wants us to wake up and say I need the Book of Mormon.. I need prayer.. I need God!! it took us 5 minutes to compose ourselves afterward.. Brother Scoville included. ahhh, I have so much to learn. (sorry.. this will be a lot funny in Korean.. dad, mom, eric.. translate)

Elder Grovers bday party... just me posting up after sand volleyball

I am literally a creature of my daily planner... I don't go anywhere with out it.. today.. i had to say goodbye to my first planner. sad day.

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