Friday, October 31, 2014

Korea is the better half of me

I have never said "저는 피곤해요" so much in my life... for all you English speakers... that's "I'm tired". Cross your finger's it's only jet lag and not just the missionary life... Well, I'M HERE!!!

After 2 gruesome months in the MTC... I've finally earned my spot in 한국 ... in the .... 의정부 Area.. also known as Eric's greenie area!! I brought some family pictures to my bishop's house and showed them off... They freaked out when they saw Eric in the Sumsion wedding pictures and said that Eric served here!! So exciting to carry on the family legacy in the same area!! I am so absolutely in love with life right now.. Korea is indescribable.

I never went to sleep the day we flew out.. (I was way too nervous) and since I had my first missionary opportunity on our flight to Seattle, I didn't sleep a wink.. PS.. talking to you was THE BEST THING EVER. and then I ended up talking to my dear dear district members the entire flight over here... (I probably only slept 2 hours the whole 14 hour flight... I honestly tried.. I think nerves just overtook me) This lack of sleep, although great for the memories... was super rough when I got here.. aka the state of my first picture with the President! hahaha. Anyways... It was super strange to think about the Christensen's prior to meeting them.. To know that I loved them and trusted them so much already.. to know that they held my future in their hands... that there were going to be so so very important to me.. in a lot of ways.. Meeting them after such a long flight was heavenly.. I just wanted to hug them both... and then spending the next day with them was unbelievable. President Christensen is a man called of god and I am so excited to work with Him. 

After sleep better than I have in my entire life.. we had study time and then training and before I knew it they called Sister Choi and Sister Willcox! Words can't describe how excited I was as I ran up to hug my NATIVE trainer ( I was the only one to get a native!!!) Awhh, she has already taught me so much it's unreal. Language, Gospel and cooking.. everything. Although the language barrier between is slightly difficult, I cannot express my gratitude for my opportunity to serve with her. I once thought that I would serve a mission and offer up my 'agency' for a year and a half and give back what the Gospel has given me.. but now I see that will never be possible with how much He continually has blessed me while on a mission!

funnily enough, while we were in the MTC an elder in my district asked how to say picnic in Korean.. well... I think it was premonition for the future because my first Saturday here was spent at a ward picnic!! hahaha IT WAS AWESOME AND we were in Seoul at probably the coolest place I have ever been to in my life. It was incredible to be with the ward families all day.. and such a blessing to get to know them before church! I wish that all members were like the Korean members.. they are so loving and friends and caring and giving of all that they have! It was such a miracle to start here and already gain so much love for the people that I would be serving!!

Guess what?? the Holy Ghost truly speaks to us.. We gained our first investigator yesterday (2nd meeting) and it came from a prompting I felt as we walked away from a "stood up" appointment.. Initially I was super disappointed.. but She is an angel and I just know that the Lord led us to each other..!! anyways.. we actually have less time to email today because I am going to the DMZ on Friday!! PRAY FOR MY SAFETY. sorry this is so random and scattered.. I'll repent next week 

I love you so much!! Thank you so much for your prayers.. I need them :) I am always praying for you! Always remember that you are children of God and that God sent you here for a reason! 

All my love, 
Sister Willcox


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